Tools for Personal Transformation
Learn How to Enter a Zen-Like State of Mastery At Will
The Mastery Method guides you into a state of mental clarity, calmness, and centeredness whenever you need it most.
With The Mastery Method You Can:

  •  Activate superior cognitive functioning
  •  Develop heightened self-awareness
  •  Recharge your mental energy
  •  Reduce daily levels of stress
  •  Make more effective decisions
  •  Stay focused while you work
How Do You Access Your Creative Potential?
You know that feeling when you’re just on

You don’t get distracted easily. Nor do you seek distraction.

You know what to do and how to do it. And everything seems to flow effortlessly.

Have you ever wanted to experience these flow states more frequently? To access them on command?

So why hasn’t it happened for you?

If you’re like most people, you get distracted easily. You don’t stay focused on what’s most important as you work. 

Instead, you jump from one task to another, staying "busy" throughout the day. You may take stimulants like caffeine and try to "push through" as best you can. 

Does that sound familiar? What if there's a better way?
In Awakening the Mind, educator Anna Wise defines mastery as “being in the state you want to be in, when you want to be there, knowing what to do with that state, and being able to accomplish it.”
The Aim of The Mastery Method
Hi there, 

My name is Scott Jeffrey, the founder of CEOSage, Inc and creator of The Mastery Method

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share with you an experience that can potentially change how you approach your daily work and the results you realize from your efforts.

I’ve been coaching high-achieving entrepreneurs for two decades. My clients expect results and they’re always pressed for time.

And it’s my responsibility to find ways to give them the tools they need so they can perform at their best. 

The Mastery Method is a synthesis of Eastern and Western transformational practices. The goal of the Method is to show you how to access this state of mastery quickly so you can access your creative potential each day.

You’ve experienced this state before. Resistance falls away. Nothing distracts you. You remain calm, alert, and focused. You enter a state of flow and things just unfold effortlessly. 

Imagine being able to access this state at will!
Scott Jeffrey, Founder of CEOSage, Inc. and creator of The Mastery Method
"I felt more energized and calmer than I usually am after using the Mastery Method. Only twice in my life have I felt this peaceful centered calm, and I have never been able to access it at will. The meditation practices I tried never "brought it on" or put me in that state either. Using The Mastery Method before a project keeps me focused on the task, and less anxious, so it's easier to complete."
- Theodora Mantinaos
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What Is The Mastery Method?
The Mastery Method is a guided meditative process augmented by brainwave entrainment technology. This MP3 audio program is designed to help you:
  •  Massively improve your productivity by eliminating mental chatter 
  •  Establish unwavering concentration before working on everyday projects
  •  Access superior cognitive functioning for focusing on challenging task
The Mastery Method will also help you:
  •  Prime your mind for creative work 
  •  Center yourself in moments of stress 
  •  Trigger flow states to enjoy what you're doing
Designed for busy professionals, the Method will guide you into enter this state of mastery. This process won't take  years or month—but a matter of minutes!
Skeptical? I would be too. I practiced various forms of meditations for many years with limited results. But there's a key to entering a state of mental calm. And for some reason, it's not taught in most meditation programs or traditions. 

(A meditation practice isn't required to use The Mastery Method. But if you do meditate, this Method can greatly augment your practice.)
Listen to a Sample of The Mastery Method
Using headphones will provide the optimal experience. 
Sit at the edge of your chair, close your eyes, and press PLAY! 
The Mastery Method will help you enter a state of personal mastery usually within a few minutes once you are familiar with the process. 
Who is The Mastery Method for?
The Mastery Method is especially for anyone who wants to become more centered as they work. 

It's used by entrepreneurs, creative professionals, writers, artists, executives, and parents. The Method is designed for busy people who have limited time

I use this system with my clients and during workshops. Those who have experienced this process report that it helps them:
  •  Turn down the volume on outside distraction
  •  Access higher levels of intuition
  •  Become more aware of the inner critic
  •  Instantly become more present and aware
  •  Dramatically quiet the mind (sometimes you’ll enter total stillness)
  •  Increase energy (leaving you refreshed and recharged)
  •  Experience heightened self-awareness
Again, you’ll be able to experience many of these benefits quickly—in a matter of minutes, sometimes within 30 seconds (after a little practice).
The Mastery Method isn’t designed to transform your brain overnight. However, through repeated practice, you'll develop a new structure within your consciousness that will enable you to enter a state of mastery more quickly and derive the benefits.
"The Mastery Method had me tuned in within moments. I felt an almost-uniform calm energy wave over my body, and was able to tune into subtle sensations and relax tensions I didn’t know I had. When I opened my eyes I was clear-headed and able to focus easily and my mind was quiet. I felt energized and I immediately got to work on a writing assignment I had been putting off for days."
- Tova Kaplan, Development Producer
Beta Test Group Pilot Study Results
October 2017
I surveyed a group of beta testers after their first time using The Mastery Method

Here are some of the results they reported:

- 90% of participants reported being more calm and less stressed.
- 80% of participants reported having a quieter mind with less thoughts.
80% of participants reported experiencing heightened awareness.
70% of participants reported greater mental clarity and focus.
70% of participants reported they felt less emotionally reactive.

And this was only after their first time using The Mastery Method!
Practical Applications for The Mastery Method
Because the Method centers you quickly, it has many practical applications. 

Use The Mastery Method before you:
  • Sit down to work on a project
  • Make a challenging decision
  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Enter a meeting
  • Practice a new skill (musical instructment, martial arts, etc.)
  • Read or write
  • Start meditating
  • Have a difficult conversation with an employee, a co-worker, your significant other, or your child
Also use The Mastery Method when you:
  • Feel stressed or overwhelmed
  • Need to ground yourself
  • Want to settle your emotions (like anger or anxiety)
The more adept you become at using The Mastery Method, the more creative you’ll become with its application.
"I implement The Mastery Method just prior to the beginning of my writing routine. I find it allows me to narrow my focus acutely, without effort, resulting in an increase in writing flow. The simplicity, and the brevity, of the method makes it easy and practical to use every dayThank you, Scott, for your innovative work!"
- Dee
In this Complete Program, You'll Also Receive ...
I want to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to get the most from this program so you can begin experiencing a state of mastery often.

So included with The Mastery Method MP3 audio program itself, you'll also receive:

1) The Mastery Method Companion Guide 

This Guide is packed with useful tips to augment your experience using the Method. It will also help you identify limiting beliefs that subconsciously hold you back from entering a state of mastery.

2) BONUS: The Center (Brainwave Entrainment Track—$47 Value)

Plus, you’ll also receive "The Center"—a powerful 20-minute brainwave entrainment bonus track masterfully engineered specifically for this program. The Center is designed to help you enter a deep state of calm with heightened self-awareness. It will help you center yourself and reinforce your experience using The Mastery Method.  
One customer said: "I have to say that for me, the bonus The Center mp3 is an essential part of the package! It induces a deep state of relaxation, and sharpens mental acuity at the same time. It just plain feels good…but it does so much more."

The Center track is ideal to use midday when you want to recharge or in the evening when you want to decompress. It will leave you feeling wakeful and relaxed.
Results Guarantee
You'll likely begin to experience the benefits of The Mastery Method on your first use. However, if after experimenting with The Mastery Method within 30 days, you don't feel it's helping you realize a more calm, clear, centered mental state, I'll give you a full refund.
How to Get Started Right Now
Getting started with the Mastery Method is super easy. 

After you download the audio bundle:

1) Find a quiet place with minimal distractions and put on your headset.

2) Listen to The Mastery Method program in its entirety. (Approximately 22 minutes)

3) Review the Companion Guide for additional tips and information to improve your results with The Mastery Method. 

A separate track with a guided process of the Method alone is also included for future use. And the bonus track is available whenever you want to center yourself for an extended session (like midday or in the evening). 

(Detailed instructions are included with the program.)

That’s it! Basically, within 30 minutes from now, you’ll be able to experience this powerful tool to help you activate more of your creative potential.
If you’re willing to try The Mastery Method, you can begin experiencing this state of mental alertness, focused calm, and centeredness right now ...
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